At the Airport, you are allowed 3.4 oz. of liquid or gel in a container. You are allowed only one one-quart bag to hold all of these per person. For additional information, go to  

ALWAYS Stay safe when traveling - pickpockets look for tourists, they are very skilled and smart. Keep all your valuable items hidden at all times, keep your passport and money secure. Always lock all valuables in your room safe. If your room does not have a safe, keep valuables in your locked suitcase.

Airline Check-in:

Confirm all flights with your airline or on-line 24 hours before you depart. Check airline website before you go to the airport to make sure your flights are on time: Domestic - Check in 1.5 hour before your departure time. International - Check in 3 hours before your departure time. Many airlines do not have food on their flights, so be prepared. Bring your own snacks, sandwiches, etc.


For most international flights, you are usually allowed one free suitcase up to 50 pounds. There will usually be a fee for a second bag. Check the airline’s website to learn about luggage rules and restrictions, or go to Lock your suitcase with an approved TSA lock that you can purchase at Target. Attach ID tags to the inside & outside of your luggage.


Visa is the most widely used credit card (CC) in the world, but many places accept MC, Discover and American Express. The only card that does not charge a 3-5 % conversion rate is Capital One. Call your credit card companies before you leave and let them know your travel plans. This will alert them that you are using the card away from home.   

For quick cash, ATMs are located all over the world but many ATM machines in other countries only permit a four-number PIN. You may want to change your PIN to four numbers before you leave just for your travel time. Check with your bank to learn your daily withdrawal limits. Always keep cash with you in case the banking system goes down. Use the Travel Ex booth at the airport for currency exchange. They also have visa cards that they will load with the foreign currency.   

If traveling to Mexico, you can only use up to $100 maximum in one transaction when purchasing in US dollars in a shop. Use either pesos or CC for transactions over $100.


If you have purchased travel insurance, keep your insurance policy with you at all times during your travels. There is a 24-hour number listed on the documents. If you have any questions on coverage, please do not hesitate to call. If you still want to add insurance (highly recommended), please contact us and we will secure it for you. If you need to see a doctor or go the hospital in a foreign country, you will be responsible for paying the bill prior to leaving. Make sure to have enough money on your credit card to pay your bill. Upon return, submit bills to insurance and then get reimbursed.

Phone Calls:

When calling to the US from another country, dial 001, the area code and phone number. When calling to another country from the US, dial 011 and then the phone number. Many cell phone providers in the US now have international features. Texting can be a more economical way to communicate while out of the country. Check with your cell phone provider for information on using your phone when out of the country.


When traveling outside of the USA, you must have a valid passport with at least six months validity from day of return. Your signature must be on your passport. Make two copies of the first page of your passport; bring one copy with you, keep it separate from your passport and leave the other copy at home.   

If traveling with children under 18 years of age and both parents are not present, you must have a notarized letter stating permission for the child to leave the country. If a parent is divorced or deceased, you must have the legal documentation with you stating sole custody or death certificate. Let us know if you a need sample of these types of letters.


Dining: Most all-inclusive resorts will have some a-la-carte restaurants that require reservations. Inquire about these at check in and ask for any discount coupons they may have. Make your reservations early in the week as these specialty restaurants tend to fill up quickly.   

Attire: Most specialty restaurants have a dress code requiring business casual attire; no jeans, no shorts and no tennis shoes. Slacks, pants, polo shirts, button-down shirts, skirts and dresses are acceptable so be sure to pack a nice outfit or two for these places.


If traveling to the Dominican Republic, you will have to pay approximately $10 cash fee for a tourist card upon entry for each person.


Please contact us anytime, day or night should you have questions or need any other assistance. We’re always here for you - have a wonderful trip! 


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