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All of our programmes have a strong emphasis on building relationships with the local community and working together to achieve sustainable outcomes.

Our Cape Town projects focus on Community Development.
We work in the townships of Nomzamo and Zola.

SHINE 2016

Changing the world one trip at a time!

In partnership with Global Vision International, we recently helped organize the SHINE 2016 program which was an incredible group adventure serving our Cape Town Projects. DnA Travels and our project partners would like to thank the students and teachers of Maple Grove Senior High for their enthusiasm, dedication and hard work.

"Maple Grove - Final Leavers Movie" made by Global Vision International
Look back at what Maple Grove Senior High achieved and got up to when they went to GVI Cape Town on an International Service Learning project for 10 days!
— Global Vision International


Childcare & Teaching Programs:

In our Child Care programme, we work at Ikhayalethemba orphanage, Nceduluntu Nursery and Nceduluntu Grade R where we offer educational programmes including programmes for children with Special Needs. We also have an Arts and Childcare programme where the emphasis is on supporting children’s development through an Arts focus. 

Volunteers on our Teaching programme work with individuals and small groups to support Literacy and Numeracy development at a Primary School. Volunteers also run after school workshops on a variety of themes.

Our Sports volunteers at ACJ work alongside teachers to teach sports lessons aiming to support teachers and promote active and healthy life styles. Surfing volunteers work with our local surf school to teach children about surfing and beach safety.

Healthcare & Construction Programs

Our Healthcare and Construction programmes meet the needs of the community as well as the skills and interests of the volunteer. Health Care programmes have included introducing hand washing and tooth brushing routines to local centres. Our Construction projects aim to improve facilities for the community whilst keeping ongoing maintenance costs to a minimum.

Our days are filled with work, fun & camaraderie!

We also make sure to have plenty of fun every single day :)

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