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Over 90 percent of the native flora in Hawai’i exists nowhere else on Earth! So get to Hawai’i and get your Hula on!

Although each island has a different name, they are all part of the state of Hawai'i and share the rich Hawaiian culture and history. However, each island has its own personality, flavor, beauty and geography. 

There are approximately 150 types of ecosystems in Hawaii, from alpine dessert to tropical forest, old and new volcanic tundra, valleys abundant with waterfalls, snow-capped mountains and clean, clear ocean waters.


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Getting to Hawaii:

Honolulu International Airport (HNL) on Oahu is Hawaii's major airport, serving as the entry point for most of Hawaii's visitors. All major domestic carriers and international carriers serve Oahu, so you can get here from just about anywhere. There are also direct flights from the mainland to Maui, Kauai, and Hawaii Island, connecting through Oahu to get to the neighbor islands is also an option.


Anytime of year is a good time to visit Hawai'i. Summer, between April and November, is warmer and drier with an average temperature of 75˚- 88˚ F. Winter, between December and March, is a bit cooler at 68˚- 80˚ F. The ocean temperature is 71-81˚F year round.

Hawaiian words you will see and hear while on island:

Aloha - A greeting with love, Hello, Good-bye and more
Mahalo - Thank you
‘Ohana - Family
Wahine - Woman
Kane - Man
Keiki - Child
Hula - Traditional Hawaiian dance
Lei:    A flower garland given for an occasion
‘Ono - Delicious
Pau - Finished

Here's a link to a great article:
27 Words to Learn Before You visit Hawai'i

FAQ: What does it cost to fly to Hawai'i?

We’re always looking for the best deals on Hawai'i airfare. Once we find these amazing offers on carriers such as Hawaiian Airlines or United, we need to act as soon as possible; we never know when the price will change!

So How Does It Work?

Airlines are always creating specials and sales for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they want to see what their competitors but more often it is to lure us onto their websites and get shopping. Even if we don’t find those incredibly low fares that are of limited availability, the airlines are hoping we’ll still shop and pay somewhat more. Great teaser deals are pushed out, then reeled back in, either quickly or slowly, right as we’re biting.

Finding these Hawai'i deals isn’t always easy but the time we put into this search for you can be very rewarding. When you get a good price on Hawai'i travel, the savings can easily pay for the rest of your vacation. For example,  west coast to Hawai'i airfare can sometimes be found for under $400 per person while a more typical fare can cost over $700.

Hawai'i airfare sales often have limited choices on specific dates, certain days of the week, or a limited number of flights - sometimes those with connections.

When to Travel:

August 18, 2014 through November 14, 2014 and to a lesser degree the first two weeks of December 2014 are the best dates for a reasonably priced Hawaii vacation this year. These are the most economical times to visit Hawaii in terms of all costs, including airfare, accommodations and activities. As a bonus, you’ll also find the very best Hawaii weather of the year. Lastly, there’s nothing like the feeling of having Hawaii all to yourself, and again this is the time of year to best achieve that experience. Spontaneity in all things Hawaii is possible in the fall. A fall Hawaii vacation gets our unequivocal thumbs up.

When to buy:

This largely depends on your flexibility and how determined you are to take a Hawaii vacation. Sometimes the deal that is available now is the best option even if it isn’t the rock bottom price, rather than one that may or may not materialize later.
Hawaii deals for fall travel may begin to appear starting in summer, any time from June through September. That timing depends solely on whether airlines need help from lower airfares to fill their seats. If they believe they need help, expect deals sooner. If demand is adequate, however, fall sales may not appear until September or later.

What to pay:

We expect to see round trip fall Hawaii airfares from many west coast departure cities to most of our island destinations priced from $400 to $500 including all taxes and fees. Midwest and east coast cities will usually run about $200 to $300 higher.

Some cities have increased competition. Travelers using these gateways can expect to benefit most in terms of best pricing and greater availability. Those are San Jose, Oakland, Seattle, Bellingham, and San Diego. Act within an hour to ensure the deal you desire is still there. They can disappear at the discretion of the carrier.

Low Season:

Anytime other than summer, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring Break.

Peak Season:

For Hawai'i travel during summer and all holidays, book your dates far in advance, as early as acceptable airfare can be found. When traveling during summer, you can often (but not always) expect to find good airfare buying opportunities during the preceding fall and early winter. 

For Winter vacation, Hawai'i deals are always few and far between. Many people book one year in advance. Consider flying on the holiday dates themselves such as December 24, 25, 31 and January 1st for slightly better rates.

We have our fishing nets out to catch the deals as they swim by. If you want to find the right deal, contact us and we'll keep a daily track of what's happening but remember, the deals we post today, may be gone tomorrow.