Partnerships and Sponsorships:

Our network continues to grow and flourish with amazing spirit. Please check back often as we continue to weave the web of reciprocity.

DnA Travels is more than just a travel agency. We partner with many communities: reaching out, thinking ahead and giving forward.




DnA Travels organizes "Volunteer Vacations" for all ages. We have donated crafts and supplies to children at the schools. We have created partnerships with Deaf schools, a vocational center for people with disabilities and a very lovely, family run, accommodation facility in Kingston.



DeafBlind Cruise:

DnA Travels has donated funds and countless hours to the Volunteer SSP Interpreter Intern fund.

DnA Travels has donated vacation accommodations in Hawai'i for these organizations:

  • Quorum
  • Outfront
  • DeafHope
  • Twin Cities Pride
  • Deaf Lesbian Festival
  • An Evening With Women
  • First Nations Composer Initiative